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S4IG is working towards economic growth particularly in the tourism value chain that benefits all Sri Lankans and contributes to a prosperous and stable Sri Lanka. We aim to contribute to sustainable job creation, increased income and business growth for all marginalised and disadvantaged people, particularly women and people with disabilities. Our considerations of inclusion expand beyond just gender and disability to include people of diverse ethnicities, religions, ages, dis/abilities, language, sexualities and genders, castes and/or social class. Furthermore, we consider the intersections between them, for example, gender and ethnicity, disability and gender identity.

Our approach to inclusion seeks appropriate pathways through strategic partnerships and policy advocacy. It addresses inclusion barriers through partnerships with training institutions and employers and industry associations.

S4IG phase 2 inclusion Strategy


A Transformational journey leaving No one Behind

Inclusion in Phase 1 (2016-2020)

In Phase 1 S4IG’s Inclusion strategy delivered the following results for gender and disability inclusion:

Inclusion approaches and achievements

In Phase 1, S4IG made gains for women and people with disability in skills development across the tourism value chain. Guided by the Gender Equality Strategy (2017-2020) and the Disability Strategy (2017-2020)

Phase 1 contributed to:

Improved diversity in the workforce

Enhanced skills development & employment

Improved tourism services through sub-contractors and private sector partners.

Key Representation


of enterprises creating additional employment were female owned with control of decision making in the hands of women


women gained diverse non traditional employment in tourism and gained improved incomes through more secure and formal employment


of trainees enrolled through S4IG facilitated training were people with disabilities

People with disabilities had higher completion rates (80.3%) that S4IG overall total (66.7%).

Stories of Inclusive Change

Building Capacity and Creating Opportunities in Tourism


Creating Opportunities for Women - The Arugam Bay Girls Surf Club


Inclusivity in Tourism | Women in Tourism | Sri Lanka Tourism Alliance




Inclusion in Phase 2 (2020-2024)

S4IG’s Phase 2 the Inclusion Strategy takes an over-arching strategic approach to build awareness of, commitment to, and implement principles of gender equality, disability, and social inclusion throughout our implementation.

Strategy# 1

Build inclusion knowledge, skills and commitment of our partners to develop and operate a flexible, demand-driven skills system

Strategy# 2

Support co-design of innovative skills models, fostering systemic change to promote inclusion in skills development and tourism

Strategy# 3

Showcase evidence of transformative outcomes, to stimulate a positive enabling environment for inclusive skills development

Strategy# 4

Learn and reflect regularly with key stakeholders to strengthen inclusive practices and support the transformation of skills development and tourism

Our Phase 2 approach to inclusion is incremental, building on the strategic advantage of our proven niche in skills development and tourism value chains from Phase 1. It is based on applying existing program models to create the necessary enabling environment to achieve better inclusive growth outcomes.

We seek to:

  • Build and deepen partnerships with national and regional agencies where change can be tested and demonstrated with a view to embedding systemic sustainability
  • Work collaboratively to build knowledge and gently challenge established ways of thinking and doing, primarily through showing how innovative approaches can create inclusive change
  • Develop a body of knowledge and understanding through monitoring and learning from our initiatives
  • Scope and form strategic partnerships with rights-holder organizations and the private sector
  • Place a strong emphasis on a ‘Do No Harm’ approach

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