Skills for Inclusive Growth signs Consortium MOU with Job Booster Sri Lanka and YGRO.

Systematically addressing Youth unemployment in Sri Lanka has been a constant struggle for decades. Young people tend to choose jobs rather than careers, which leads to instability and a lack of professional workforce across the labour market. Lack of awareness of career paths, social misperceptions, family commitments, community pressures and bias affects youth when choosing a career often leading towards expectations for employment in the government service rather than pursuing careers and skills that young people are passionate about.

– Job Booster Sri Lanka works towards strengthening the process for young people to get a job in Sri Lanka. In doing so, they look at the current demand on the labor market, so that they can connect employers to young people with jobs as efficiently as possible and these young people can quickly find gainful employment. Job Booster plays a broker role and is a new market-driven initiative of Woord en Daad. This is a Netherland’s based organization that implements Job Booster in 10+ countries worldwide. They have been working on sustainable system change for 45 years in over 22 countries with vulnerable groups.

S4IG is a skills program that uses the Tourism sector to explore and demonstrate successful models of change within skills providers and formal and informal tourism enterprises across Ampara, Batticaloa, Trincomalee and Polonnaruwa districts through showcasing coordinated, demand driven, flexible and inclusive skills development that results with improved incomes and employment. Skills for Inclusive Growth is an initiative of the Australian Government in collaboration with the Sri Lankan Ministry of Skills Development and Vocational Training.
YGRO is a Sri Lankan community-based organization that works in 6 districts in Sri Lanka in Educational, Vocational, Career guidance, Economic, Social, Psychological Development to empower the local communities.

These three organizations have come together to boost youth employment in Sri Lanka throughout the entire tourism value chain and place 10,000 youth in jobs by 2026. They will collaborate to improve capacity of training providers and employer associations to add value to skills development to ensure its relevance to the Job market. This collaboration has already commenced with some 600 young people already securing employment across the tourism value chain in 2019. Systems have now been developed and tested and it is planned these be scaled up in the coming 12 months to deliver improved vocational training services and employment outcomes.

This Collaboration enables young people to follow their hearts and choose career paths that are appealing and innovative proving security and stability for young people embarking on their journey into the world of work. Job Booster provides a sustainability framework for career development and creates better earning potential for young people and their communities.

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