The Skills Development Fund

The Skills Development Fund is a 6 million AUD fund established for the delivery of tourism skills development services and tourism business development in Ampara, Batticaloa, Polonnaruwa and Trincomalee.

Both short-term interventions and longer-term (up to-3 years) projects are covered by the Fund.

Funding is provided by the Australian Government and administered by Scope Global under Skills for Inclusive Growth, a part of the Australian Government’s .


The Skills Development Fund prioritises initiatives that address key criteria and exhibit the following :

  • Inclusiveness
    Focusing on opportunities for marginalised people, especially women and persons with disabilities
  • Integration
    Addressing cross-cutting issues of gender, disability, fragility and conflict, private sector development, governance, environment
  • Sustainability
    Ensuring benefits continue after Skills for Inclusive Growth funding has ceased
  • Responsiveness
    Adopting evidence-based approaches
    Encouraging relationships with stakeholders across the community, government and private sector
  • A balanced approach to risk
    Balancing innovation and security for all stakeholders
  • Coordination
    Fostering ties with other Australian Government and skills development programs

The Fund is not a seed-funding mechanism. However, the Skills for Inclusive Growth program will seek to link training participants with existing microfinance opportunities.