Inclusion for all.

Skills for Inclusive Growth is guided by Australia’s Development for All 2015-2020 (pdf) strategy, which affirms Australia’s intention to improve participation by persons with disabilities in economic activity. The strategy recognises support for skills training for persons with disabilities as a key tactic to improve livelihoods, lift living standards and secure employment

Disability and employment

The World Report on Disability estimates that 12.9% of the Sri Lankan population has a disability.  However, it is widely acknowledged that the actual percentage could be much higher, particularly in Eastern, North Central and Northern provinces. Individuals with a disability are more likely to be poor and have limited access to education, skills development services and employment.

A survey in program districts found that persons with disabilities made up less than 1% of the workforce. Women with disabilities make up less than 0.2% of the workforce. Program research also revealed that there were no enrolments of persons with a disability in tourism related training courses in the 4 Districts.

Potential employers cited lack of experience in candidates with disabilities and insufficient capacity to train and support persons with disabilities as reasons for not employing persons with disabilities. Just over one quarter of respondents said that they would take on staff with disabilities if the candidate had relevant experience.

Championing disability inclusion

Skills for Inclusive Growth supports persons with disabilities to gain essential skills and experience. The program assists training providers to recognise the barriers facing persons with disabilities and facilitates the inclusion of persons with disabilities in training activities.

The program also works with policy makers and the local tourism industry to build understanding of the rights of persons with disabilities to employment and the broader benefit to the economy of employing persons with disabilities.

Skills for Inclusive Growth is testing innovative approaches to support persons with disabilities to gain employment through activities run as part of the program’s Skills Development Fund.

Get involved

Disabled person’s organisations with a history of delivering successful vocational education and training are encouraged to apply to the Skills for Development Fund.

Persons with disabilities living in Ampara, Batticaloa, Polonnaruwa and Trincomalee with an interest in careers in the tourism sector should contact